Driver Assist Package

These advanced safety technologies are designed to help drivers avoid collisions by improving their vision and awareness of road hazards, even braking automatically if sensors predict the vehicle is at risk of a collision. This important package includes:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control1 - This system uses radar and vision sensing to detect a vehicle ahead and calculate its distance and relative speed, and then sends a message to the onboard computer to maintain a driver-selected following time/distance. When the traffic has cleared or the object has moved, the system will accelerate the vehicle back to the previously set speed. Like conventional cruise control, the driver can always control the system by applying the brakes or accelerator.
  • Automatic Front/Rear Braking - Using radar and ultrasonic sensors, this feature can help prevent or mitigate front and rear collisions at low speeds via a progression of alerts that extends to complete braking if necessary.
  • Automatic Collision Preparation - When XTS senses a collision is imminent, braking is applied to lessen the impact severity with the vehicle detected ahead, or even enable the driver to avoid the collision.

1 Adaptive Cruise Control is no substitute for the driver's personal responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. The driver needs to remain attentive to traffic and road conditions and provide the steering, braking or other inputs necessary to retain control of the vehicle.