Athletic and expressive, the ATS exquisitely fuses form with function. Besides giving it a bold, distinctive appearance, its taut lines allow the ATS to slice through the air, while brilliant details like available illuminating door handles add sophistication.


LED Taillamps

Dazzling vertical LED light signatures make for a distinct and unmistakable look day or night.

Integrated Rear Spoiler

More than just a brake lamp, the sleek integrated rear spoiler in the ATS was purposefully designed to manage critical airflow at the rear of the vehicle for greater downforce and a firmly planted feel at higher speeds.

Sculpted Side Mirrors

A result of hundreds of hours of wind-tunnel testing, the side mirrors were carefully sculpted and positioned to improve aerodynamic efficiency and help reduce wind noise.

Active Aero Grille Shutters

Hidden behind the ATS's stunning upper grille, the available active aero grille shutters automatically close when additional engine cooling is not needed
to maximize aerodynamics.