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Continuing to show its support for the Native Son organization and awards show. Native Son, founded by Emil Wilbekin, whose movement was to create a safe space to empower the community and celebrate their achievements across everything from the arts to politics and healthcare. Cadillac has served as a longtime supporter and the lead sponsor for the annual award shows.


"When I approached Cadillac about supporting my big idea about creating a platform to support and celebrate Black gay men called Native Son, their brand messaging was 'Dare Greatly.' They were the first brand to believe in my dream. It also didn't hurt that I was raised in a Cadillac household and learned to drive in a Coupe deVille. Today, Cadillac's brand message has transitioned from 'Dare Greatly' to 'Keep Rising' which serendipitously aligns with my mission in Native Son as well as my hopes for the future of the LGBTQ+ community."

This year, as we prepare for the annual Native Son Awards show, we celebrate the 2024 honoree, actor, dancer, and choreographer, Nicco Annan.


Nicco, a native of Detroit, has a strong connection with the Cadillac brand. He understands the importance of a brand standing by its values and making a cultural impact across different audiences. He is keenly aware of his presence and influence when it comes to excelling in all forms of media. Nicco confidently embraces who he is and never hesitates to bring his full self to any role. His strong presence positions him as an advocate, role model, and leader for future generations.


Nicco Annan reflects on what it means to create safe spaces and expresses his love and support for Native Son.