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Charging your electric vehicle can be a convenient routine. Rather than driving to a gas station to fill up, you can charge your electric vehicle at home or at certain public places. There are different levels (or types) of charging, and your rate of charge will vary based on which one you use.

There Are Three Types of Electric Vehicle Charging:


Level 1: The slowest level of charging that can be done at any standard 3-prong (120v) power outlet. It’s best used as a last resort option in an emergency situation or to “top off” after short trips. Adds up to 3.5 miles of range per hour of charging (for MY23 AWD and RWD models). Level 1 uses a J1772 connector.


Level 2: Faster than Level 1. Requires a 4-prong (240v) wall outlet or 240v hardwired charging unit installed by a professional electrician. Level 2 charging is the most frequently used type of charging for EV drivers. Adds up to 37 miles of range per hour of charging with a 60A/240v power source (MY23 AWD models) or up to 52 miles of range per hour of charging with a 100A/240v hardwired charging unit (MY23 RWD models). Level 2 uses a J1772 connector. The In-vehicle Maps app labels these locations as “Fast.”


DC Fast Charging: Fastest charging available, done at public DC fast charging stations when away from your home charging location. Adds up to 76 miles of range in 10 minutes of charging or 159 miles of range in 30 minutes of charging (for both MY23 AWD and RWD models). DC Fast Charging uses a CCS1 connector. The in-vehicle Maps app labels these locations as “Very Fast.”

In the Charging app settings, start DC Fast Charging Battery Conditioning to precondition your battery when you are on your way to a public DC fast charging station, approximately 30 minutes before you get there. This will help bring the battery to an optimal temperature for improved charging performance. If you route to a charging station using in-vehicle Google Maps, your vehicle will automatically precondition the battery.


There Are Four Ways to Find a Public Charging Station:


myCadillac Mobile App: The myCadillac mobile app will provide you with route planning and charging locations for both DC Fast and Level 2 charging stations.


In-Vehicle Maps App: Tap the Maps app icon on your vehicle’s infotainment screen, then tap the charge station icon. Information on the types and quantities of charging equipment offered will be provided for each charging station.


In-Vehicle Google Voice Assistant: Ask Google Voice Assistant, “Hey Google, find a charging station.”


Third-Party Apps from Google Play & Apple App Store: Various apps can help you find nearby charging stations.

Note: There are several factors that impact how fast your vehicle charges, including the charging station’s capability, your vehicle’s capability, the charge level of your battery and the temperature of your battery.



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