Cadillac Tire Rotation and Wheel Alignment Services Performed by the Certified Service Experts



The tires on your Cadillac can be affected differently by functions like steering or front-wheel drive vs. rear-wheel drive, causing them to wear at different rates. Visit the Certified Service experts at your Cadillac dealer for regular tire rotation services to extend the life of your tires and achieve more uniform tire wear. The Premium Care Maintenance Program includes tire rotation services.*

To get the best results from rotating your tires, it is important to follow the correct tire rotation pattern. Your front and rear tires may also use different pressures, and therefore need to be adjusted after rotation. Trust the Certified Service experts to understand these details when they perform tire rotation services. Your Cadillac Owner's Manual also includes information on the correct tire rotation pattern and air pressure for your vehicle.


The wheels on your Cadillac were aligned and balanced to precise specifications at the factory. But occasionally your tire alignment may need to be reset. If your vehicle pulls in one direction as you drive or you notice unusual treadwear, you might need a tire alignment (although unusual tire wear can also result from improper tire inflation).

Your Cadillac may have both front- and rear-wheel alignment specifications. The Certified Service experts at your Cadillac dealer can recommend the optimal alignment for your vehicle.