2014 XTS Exterior Drive Side Profile

The 2014 Cadillac XTS is a sophisticated luxury sedan where state of the art meets high art.

2014 XTS Exterior Aerodynamic Front View

The aerodynamic front is discerningly accentuated with chrome, balanced by a subtle piano-black finish, delivering a sleek yet striking appearance through the bold, confident grille.

2014 XTS Exterior Front Grille

Exclusive to the Platinum Collection, the unique grille features strong lines and refined mesh that combine to make a bold statement.

2014 XTS Exterior Platinum Collection

The XTS Platinum Collection represents the ultimate in XTS innovation, design and especially luxury.

2014 XTS Exterior Featuring Parking Assist

To help make the task of parallel parking easier, the XTS features the convenience of new Automatic Parking Assist. Once activated, this available system will locate a suitable parking spot and then help you park your car.

2014 XTS Exterior Door Handles

Right down to the available illuminated door handles, refined details are everywhere. More than an accent, their soft glow makes them easier to locate. Once you are in the vehicle, they return to their nonilluminated state.

2014 XTS Exterior Tail Lights

Signature Cadillac light pipe technology integrated into the taillamps forms a razor-thin blade that is clearly evident at night.

2014 XTS Exterior LED Lights

A storied past meets an epic future. The evolution of the Cadillac taillamp has advanced to LED light pipe technology on the XTS.

2014 XTS Exterior All Wheel Drive

The badge of confidence, the XTS delivers sure-footed grip with an available advanced torque-vectoring All-Wheel Drive system that intelligently manages torque front-to-rear and side-to-side in the rear wheels, putting power where you need it most.

2014 XTS Exterior Angular View

The angular skin of the XTS was designed to not only turn heads, but also to slice through the wind, helping improve performance and mitigate noise.

2014 XTS Exterior Headlight

The brilliant High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps are available with Adaptive Forward Lighting. Sensors react to the car's speed and steering, directing the headlamps to illuminate your path of travel. IntelliBeam is also newly available. This technology automatically switches between low and high beams when oncoming headlamps are sensed, or when taillamps are detected in front of you.

2014 XTS Exterior Front View

When we created the XTS, we set out to build a car that would not only move you, but also transport you well into the future.

2014 XTS Exterior Mirrors

Subtle lamps located under the outside mirrors cast a light near the entrance of the car, so your path is well lit.

2014 XTS Exterior Third Window

Designed with a third window behind each rear door, the XTS not only inspires a greater feeling of space, but also provides rear passengers a room with a view.

2014 XTS Exterior Safety Cage

Under its artfully sculpted exterior, the XTS starts with a protective safety cage constructed with high-strength steel alloys for exceptional rigidity and strategically placed crumple zones.