Cadillac Tire Pressure Information from the  Certified Service Experts



At Cadillac, we understand that every detail matters. For instance, it’s not only important to have the best tires for your vehicle, but also to keep them properly inflated. Maintaining the correct air pressure will help get the maximum performance and durability from your tires. Properly inflated tires can also enhance the operation of safety features such as anti-lock brakes and the StabiliTrak stability enhancement system.

Consult the Certified Service experts at your Cadillac dealer or your Owner's Manual for the recommended tire inflation for your Cadillac. Driving on tires that are over- or underinflated can result in adverse effects such as premature or unusual wear, compromised handling and reduced fuel economy.

Checking Tire Air Pressure & The Tire Pressure Monitor System

The advanced diagnostic and monitoring technology in newer Cadillac vehicles includes the Tire Pressure Monitor System. This system automatically senses tire air pressure and alerts you when one or more of your tires is low. When a tire’s air pressure drops, the Driver Information Center indicates which tire needs adjustment, signaling you to inflate the tire to the appropriate pressure as soon as possible.

Another method of ensuring proper tire inflation is to check tire pressure manually. To achieve the most accurate reading, use a quality gauge and test tires when they have not been driven for at least three hours. Experts generally recommend checking tire pressure monthly and inspecting the tire for any objects that may be lodged in the tread, as they can also lead to air loss.