Cadillac Certified Service: Up To $200 Back In Rebates And Statement Credit On Select Tires With New BuyPower Card Purchase.


Always on the run, you innovate and set the trend. A service that can keep disruption out of the way is your mandate. Cadillac Certified Service experts can properly assess tire wear, and recommend replacement tires if necessary, keeping in step to get you back on the road. Depending on your driving style and maintenance issues, your Cadillac’s tires will experience varying types of wear.



Tread wear indicators appear when the tires only have 1/16 inch or less of tread remaining. Other signs your Cadillac’s tires will need replacement are three or more tread wear indicators around the tire, tire cord is showing through the rubber, the tire sidewall is cracked, bulging or splits in the tire.




Certified Service: Toe Tire Wear

Toe Tire Wear

Occurs when there is a wheel alignment issue.

Certified Service: Camber Tire Wear

Camber Tire Wear

Occurs when the tire is leaning due to camber misalignment.

Certified Service: Center Tire Wear

Center Tire Wear

Occurs when a tire is overinflated.

Certified Service: Cupping Tire Wear

Cupping Tire Wear

Occurs when the suspension or balance may be worn, bent or compromised.


Certified Service: Edge Tire Wear

Edge Tire Wear

Occurs when a tire is underinflated.