• The One-Two Punch. ATS-V Coupe
  • The One-Two Punch. ATS-V Sedan

• 464 HP

• 445 lb.-ft.TORQUE

• 0–60 MPH in 3.8 SECONDS


At the heart of ATS-V is a 3.6L Twin Turbo engine with titanium-aluminide turbines, patented, low-volume, charge-air cooler and titanium connecting rods for superior response and performance.

  • Cadillac ATS-V Fine-Tuned Fury

    Music to a gearhead's ears. Performance-enhancing quad exhaust tips amplify the sounds of the 3.6L Twin Turbo V6 that lurks beneath the beautifully sculpted carbon fiber hood.

  • Cadillac ATS-V Put To The Test

    Track-tested. Road-ready. We took the ATS-V to some of the toughest tracks in the world to push it to its limit. ATS-V proved itself to be not only a fearsome competitor, but also one worthy of the Cadillac V badge.

  • Cadillac ATS-V Smooth Criminal Performance Tires

    Constructed from lightweight carbon fiber, the front splitter, hood vent and rear diffuser help reduce mass and increase aerodynamics for a dominating presence and enhanced downforce that makes the ATS-V a tough act to follow and even harder to catch.

    Specifically designed for the V-Series, Michelin® Pilot® Super Sport summer only tires with a progressive contact patch have a custom mold shape for maximum grip and stopping power.

  • Cadillac ATS-V Track-Ready Brembo Brakes

    Beneath the lightweight V-forged wheels lie massive race-inspired six-piston front, four-piston rear fixed caliper Brembo® brakes with vented rotors for absolute stopping power.

  • Cadillac ATS-V 6-Speed Manual/ 8 Speed Automatic

    For those who want control firmly planted in the palm of their hand, the 6-speed manual transmission comes equipped with Active Rev Matching, Performance Traction Management and No-Lift Shift. Or select the 8-speed automatic transmission that provides incredibly fast shift times and a shorter first gear ratio to improve off-the-line acceleration.

Cadillac ATS-V Race.Win.Replay
  • Cadillac ATS-V Drives Fast. Thinks Faster.

    Record, share and analyze your driving experiences with the available Performance Data Recorder. Capturing track video, in-cabin audio and performance metrics including 0-to-60, lap time and G-force. Makes good drivers great. And great drivers unstoppable.

    V-tuned temperature adapting Magnetic Ride Control suspension and four selectable driving modes, reads and reacts to the road up to 1,000 times per second — giving you the smoothest ride and maximum performance.

Cadillac ATS-V Front Grille
  • Cadillac ATS-V Though On The Track. Easy On The Eyes.

    A sculpted body with sleek lines that gets your pulse racing. Extra-wide front and rear fenders for a striking stature. 18-inch wheels that stand out from the crowd. Raw beauty. Pure power.

  • Cadillac ATS-V Performance Without Punishment.

    Every available element of the all-encompassing interior was refined with the driver in mind. RECARO® seats with sueded microfiber accents, Magnesium Paddle-Shift controls and full color Head-Up Display. Integrated so well the only thing that you feel is the power going to your head.

  • Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Passenger Side Profile
  • Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Rear Exterior
  • Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Driver Side Profile
  • Cadillac ATS-V Front Hood
Cadillac ATS-V Specifications