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Welcome to V-Performance Driver Training

Put “road-ready, track-capable” to the ultimate test. With V-Performance Driver
Training, you get behind the wheel of Cadillac’s fastest and most powerful vehicles,
then learn how to push them to the limit on some of the world’s most famous tracks.


Cadillac V-Performance Details

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V-Performance Lab is bringing the highest expression of Cadillac’s performance technology to a city near you.
Experience the 464-hp ATS-V and 640-hp CTS-V, Cadillac’s fastest and most powerful vehicles to date, under the
guidance of exceptional instructors on two adrenaline-filled tracks.


One-day event: $995


Cadillac V-Performance ATS-V

An exceptional opportunity on your choice of prestigious tracks. V-Performance Lab covers a wide range of driving techniques and
experiences including, but not limited to, oversteering, slalom, and track sector training. Cadillac will offer 3 full-day sessions at
each of the two locations: Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, Connecticut and Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.


    This year’s V-Performance Lab at Lime Rock Park is complete. Check back soon for updates on future V-Performance Lab programs.

    Cadillac ATS-V in Lime Rock

    Built in 1957, the historic Lime Rock Park is home to a 1.5-mile raceway track designed to put even the most skilled drivers to the test. Complete with sinuous radii, hills, dales and varying track widths, Lime Rock Park delivers some of the most thrilling track driving on the East Coast—the ideal proving ground for V-Series precision and power. For more information on Lime Rock Park, visit their website at


    This year’s V-Performance Lab at Circuit of the Americas is complete. Check back soon for updates on future V-Performance Lab programs.

    Circuit of the Americas

    Set on 1,500 acres just outside of downtown Austin, Circuit of the Americas is home to 3.41 miles of formidable racetrack. Built to complement the rolling landscape, the track includes 20 winding turns and a punishing 133-foot hill to test even the most experienced drivers. For more information on Circuit of the Americas, visit their website at

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    Take your V-Series from the left lane to the raceway and experience ultimate performance. V-Academy is an exclusive opportunity to test the motorsport pedigrees of the CTS-V and ATS-V on one of the nation’s most demanding racetracks, Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club. With 640-hp in the CTS-V and 464-hp in the ATS-V, the program is designed to assist V-Series owners in mastering their vehicle’s immense power and capabilities, while expanding their driving skillset. Cadillac offers complementary enrollment in V-Performance Academy with the purchase of every new 2017 V-Series vehicle.1 After you take delivery of your ATS-V or CTS-V, you will receive a V-Performance Academy welcome package in the mail containing information on how to enroll.

    Enjoy the following amenities during your time at V Academy:

    • Ground transportation to and from Las Vegas International Airport
    • Two nights lodging in the Spring Mountain luxury condominiums
    • Breakfast and lunch on both training days
    • Second night dinner at the Spring Mountain Clubhouse
    • General admission access for one designated guest
    • On-site courtesy vehicles to be provided


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    Cadillac V-Performance Academy Collage

    Individualized instruction, instant feedback. The V-Academy curriculum relies on small group training led by world-class drivers to ensure that participants receive focused coaching and attention during activities like the Skid Pad, Slalom and Steering Exercises. Cadillac’s available Performance Data Recorder (PDR) provides real-time information—including video footage—from your run the moment you step off the track. This footage is then used by the V Academy instructors to analyze, examine and improve your on-track performance.


    Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club

    Test the segment’s most powerful vehicle on the country’s longest racetrack. Located 55 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip, Spring Mountain boasts the
    longest road course in North America. With more than six miles of racetrack and over 50 unique configurations, drivers can unleash V-Series vehicles
    on a legendary track while honing their driving prowess. Lodging on the Spring Mountain premises is included, with loft-style suites complete with
    kitchenettes for comfort and ease. And with an 8,000-square foot clubhouse, pool, racquetball court and fitness facility, your time spent on and off the
    track is equally enjoyable. For more information on Spring Mountain, visit their website at

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