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One-Pedal Driving enables you to slow and stop your Cadillac LYRIQ. Always use the brake pedal for emergency braking or sudden stops.

There Are 2 Ways to Engage One-Pedal Driving:

  1. Tap the Virtual Controls App icon on the infotainment screen, then One-Pedal Driving.
  2. In the Drive Mode app, engage One-Pedal Driving by tapping the icon that looks like a foot on a pedal in the lower right corner.

After turning it on, you can customize the level of braking:

  • Adjust the sensitivity through the DRIVE & PARK tile in the Controls app. Select “On” for moderate or “High” for strong regenerative braking deceleration.
  • This setting is retained over key cycles.
  • Return to the Controls app or Drive Mode app to turn the feature “Off,” if desired.
  • This setting can be turned on/off while the vehicle is in motion.

Note: When One-Pedal Driving is engaged, the position of the accelerator pedal determines whether the vehicle is accelerating, coasting, slowing down gradually, slowing down quickly or coming to a complete stop.

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