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In addition to the Cadillac Escalade Trailering System functions available in the In-Vehicle Trailering App, select trailering features and your trailer profiles are integrated with the myCadillac mobile app, allowing you to access important information when you are outside of or away from your vehicle and trailer.


From the Home screen of the mobile app, tap the Trailering Guide tile to explore the available features, which may include the options on the pages that follow.  


Note: Availability of the trailering features within the mobile app is dependent upon each vehicle’s equipment and your active service plan.

Trailering Functions Available Through the myCadillac mobile app 

Trailer Profiles 
The mobile app features a Trailer Garage from which you can:

  • Create a new trailer profile 
    • Create a new profile and input information, such as mileage, dimensions and more. 
  • Edit a trailer profile 
    • Make changes to your trailer profiles, such as inputting dimensions. 
  • Share a trailer profile 
    • Share your profile with another mobile app user who has a similarly equipped vehicle. 
    • You can choose to either share “ownership” or share “duplicate” of the profile.
      • Share “ownership”: The trailer profile will continue to update with information from the trailer (such as mileage or fuel economy). Use this option when sharing between two drivers in the same household or loaning a trailer to an acquaintance.
      • Share “duplicate”: A copy of the profile will be sent to the new user, but your trailer profile will not continue to update. You should use this option if, for example, you sell your trailer and no longer wish to track information.
    • To share the profile, you can enter the GM account username (which may be an email address) for the recipient with whom you wish to share the trailer profile.
      • For the protection of the recipient, a “Share Successful” message will appear on the screen regardless of whether or not the recipient’s account information was entered correctly.
    • After the profile is accepted by the receiving user on their mobile app, they can access the profile from either their mobile app or their in-vehicle Trailering System.
  • Trailer profile syncing
    • Once a profile is set up and active within the vehicle, the in-vehicle trailering system and the mobile app will sync information to ensure both apps always reflect the latest status.
      • Certain information, such as mileage accrued or changes made to a profile in the mobile app, will sync at the next ignition cycle, next profile switch or after 30 minutes if the vehicle is moving.
  • Remove a trailer profile
    • Remove a profile from the in-vehicle system.
    • Note: This option retains the profile in the mobile app’s Trailer Garage for future access but removes it from the vehicle.
  • Delete a trailer profile
    • Delete a profile from the list of trailer profiles.

Trailering Tools 
Additional trailering features within the mobile app found in the Tools menu include: 

Light Test 

  • Similar to the in-vehicle system’s trailer light sequence, you can initiate the process via the mobile app as you conduct your inspection. The vehicle does not need to be on for you to do this. 

Load Calculator 

  • Lets you input the weights of the vehicle, trailer and load to help ensure safe operation (see Trailering Label on vehicle’s door jamb for select information). 

Pre-Departure Checklists 

  • You can complete items in pre-departure checklists before your journey, add custom checklist items (e.g., check for life preservers on boat) or reset the checklists. 

Watch and Learn

  • View videos providing additional details on the trailering process and features. 

Glossary of Terms 

  • Learn about trailering terminology. 


  • View legal notices and terms. 

Trailer Maintenance 

When you’re signed in to a trailer profile, the myCadillac mobile app can help you keep track of your trailer’s maintenance needs based on trailer mileage or a designated timeframe. 

  • Select from suggested maintenance reminders (tire condition, wheel bearing or brake checks). 
  • Create a custom reminder.

The in-vehicle system will notify you when these triggers are reached. Additionally, an alert will appear on the trailering card in the mobile app.


Tire Health 

When you’re signed in to a trailer profile, the myCadillac mobile app can help you keep tabs on the health of your trailer tires by viewing the current pressure and temperature status (up to six trailer tires, excluding spare tires; vehicle must be ON or in ACCESSORY mode).


To monitor trailer tire health, you must install wireless GM-specific sensors within each trailer tire at a third-party trailer or tire service center.

After installation, you must complete a learning process within the in-vehicle Trailering System while the trailer is connected by following the on-screen prompts.


Smart Trailer Integration (via the myCadillac mobile app)


The vehicle is available with smart trailer technology, allowing access to select features of the iN•Command® Control System from ASA Electronics through the myCadillac mobile app, either on compatible Android™ and iOS smartphones or on the vehicle’s infotainment system via Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ compatibility.


The iN•Command® Control System lets you monitor and control select functions of compatibly equipped trailers, such as water tank levels, climate controls and even power slide-outs. 


For your security, please don't include personal info such as phone number, address or credit card details.




Certain information may take up to 30 minutes to sync. To avoid the delay, you can complete an ignition cycle (i.e., turn the vehicle off, open the door and wait for the infotainment system to turn off) or log out of and then back in to your profile. 
Additionally, you need an active OnStar® plan in order to access trailering features through the mobile app, as well as a data connection.



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To find out if your vehicle has this feature, contact your dealer or refer to your vehicle’s equipment list. Please check your Owner’s Manual for more information about features.