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4 Ways to Open the Power Liftgate:

  • Press the bottom portion of the Cadillac emblem on the outside of the rear liftgate 
  • Press the liftgate button on your key fob twice
  • Press the interior power liftgate button that is located on the lower portion of the driver’s door trim, at the front of the door storage pocket
  • If equipped, kick over the Cadillac logo that is projected on the ground (near the center of the rear bumper) while your key fob is within 3 feet of the rear of the vehicle

To close the power liftgate, repeat one of the actions described above or press the button in the liftgate trim.

Power Liftgate Mode Selection:

  • From the infotainment home screen, select Settings > Vehicle > Comfort and Convenience > Power Rear Gate Opening
  • Select Maximum or Custom modes to power open or close the liftgate
    • Maximum: Opens to maximum height
    • Custom: To program a custom liftgate opening height, manually adjust the liftgate to your preferred height, then press and hold the button in the liftgate trim until you hear a beep (about three seconds). The liftgate can still be manually opened all the way
    • Off: Opens manually only

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