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You can use the voice search feature under “Ask About Your LYRIQ” to ask about your vehicle and receive answers out loud. Here’s how to use this feature to access information, including how your vehicle features work, where select features are located and other topics, while driving or in PARK.

While you’re in PARK:

  1. Tap the MYCADILLAC In-Vehicle App icon on your center display.
  2.  Select Owner’s Manual.
  3. Tap the MICROPHONE icon next to the phrase “Ask About Your LYRIQ.”
  4. After the prompt, ask a question about your vehicle (e.g., “What’s One-Pedal Driving?” or “How do I pair my phone?”).

You’ll get an audible answer that’s a shortened, more conversational version of what’s in your Owner’s Manual. Text/graphics may also appear on the screen. You can continue asking questions without pressing the MICROPHONE icon again.


While you’re driving:

  1. Tap the MYCADILLAC In-Vehicle App on your center display.
  2. Select Owner’s Manual. 
  3. Ask about a feature (e.g., “Tell me about DC Fast Charging” or “How do I set my Memory Seats?”).

You will only get audible responses while driving. Text/graphic responses will only be available once you park. The sample questions listed are just examples. You can continue asking questions on a wide range of additional topics related to vehicle features.


Note: If you aren’t sure what to ask, you can say “What can you do?” for sample questions.


Note: Sometimes a shortened version of the information may not be available. If that happens, the voice search feature will offer to display the exact Owner’s Manual wording on-screen next time the vehicle is in PARK.



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