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The Charging App lets you adjust your compatible vehicle’s charge plan and settings. It helps you find charging stations, start navigation to saved routes and view your preferred charge accounts. When you open the app, you will see four options along the left side of the screen: Next Charge, Charge Assist, Schedule and Settings.

Next Charge

Find details and preferences for your next planned charge. You can choose to Charge Now or Charge Later:


  • Charge Now: Your vehicle will begin charging immediately when you plug in. You can set your target charge level — the percentage at which you would like the vehicle to stop charging — on this screen.
  • Charge Later: Your vehicle will determine when to begin charging so that it is ready at the time you select on this screen. You can also change the target charge level and enable preconditioning, if you’d like.

These settings are remembered over key cycles. If you select Charge Now, it will override any charge schedules set up for when you are charging at your Home Charge Location. When in Charge Later mode, this may be because of an active schedule you’ve previously created or because you manually chose to Charge Later. From there, if Charge Now is selected, any active schedules will be overridden, and the vehicle will charge immediately the next time you plug in at your Home Charge Location. Once this charge session is complete, active schedules will resume.

Charge Assist

These features require you to have a myCadillac Mobile App account. Once you’ve downloaded and set up the mobile app, you can use the same sign-in information here. You can view nearby, favorites, routes and accounts. 


  • Nearby: When Charge Assist is first opened, a list of nearby charge stations will be displayed. You can filter the list or select a charge station to view more information. You can also get directions to the station.
  • Favorites: Any stations added to favorites will display here. Select the navigation icon to route to the station, or select the station to view details or remove it from your favorites.
  • Routes: You can create and save routes in your myCadillac Mobile App. These routes will then appear on this screen in the vehicle.
  • Accounts: You can manage your charge provider accounts in your myCadillac Mobile App. This allows you to easily start charging without having to manage payment on-site. You can also choose to be notified when you are approaching supported stations.

Learn more about the myCadillac Mobile App.


Creating a schedule ensures your vehicle is ready for you on any day of the week when you are charging at your Home Charge Location. To create your first schedule, make sure you are parked at your preferred charging location.

  • Select the “+” to create a new schedule.
  • Select the days you’d like the schedule to include.
  • Set your target charge level, completion time and cabin preconditioning preferences for the schedule; select “Save & Close” when finished.
  • To make changes to a schedule, select any card on the Home Charge Schedule screen.

Each day of the week can only be included in one schedule. Any unscheduled day will automatically be set to Charge Now with a Target Charge Level of 100% when plugged in.


Charge Settings for your vehicle may include:


  • Set up your Home Charge Location. This is required to use the schedule feature and some location-based features within the myCadillac Mobile App.
  • Customize how your vehicle alerts you during a charge.
  • Start Fast Charge Prep to ensure your battery is ready for Fast Charging when you are on your way to a public Fast Charging station.
  • Set your preferred temperature for cabin pre-conditioning. Your cabin will adjust to this temperature anytime your vehicle is in Charge Later mode with preconditioning enabled.
  • Adjust your preferred charging times to avoid peak utility rates. Note that preferred charging times only apply at your Home Charge Location during scheduled charging or when set to Charge Later.

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If your vehicle finished charging but was not fully charged, check to make sure your target charge level is not set to a reduced amount. This setting will be stored in the Charging app until you change it again.



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To find out if your vehicle has this feature, contact your dealer or refer to your vehicle’s equipment list. Please check your Owner’s Manual for more information about features.