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Simulated vehicle shown. Actual production model will vary.

Talk to Google for hands-free help in your vehicle. Call or text friends, listen to music, set reminders or even change the temperature in your vehicle. You can also change your vehicle’s default voice assistant to Alexa or use your paired phone’s compatible voice assistant (e.g., Siri®).

How to activate Google Assistant (default):

  • Simply say “Hey Google,” then a voice command.
  • Tap the Google Assistant icon on the infotainment screen (blue/red/yellow/green circles); then say a voice command.
  • Short press and release of the Push-to-Talk button on the right-hand side of the steering wheel.
  • Tap the microphone icon while in Google Maps.

Sample Voice Commands:

  • “Call Sally”
  • “Text Jimmy ‘on my way’”
  • “Set the temperature to 70 degrees”
  • “Navigate to the closest charging station”
  • “Play Lithium on SiriusXM”
  • “What’s on my agenda”
  • “Navigate to San Francisco”

Alexa Built-In (available):
You can use Alexa to control your vehicle using many of the same skills and features as Alexa in your home. Tap the Amazon Alexa icon on your infotainment screen to get started. This feature will be included in a future vehicle software update, so if you don’t see the Alexa icon on your screen, check if a software update is available.  


Use Your Paired Phone’s Compatible Voice Assistant
You can also use the voice assistant of your paired, compatible smartphone, such as Siri on iPhone® devices. To use it, press and hold the Push-to-Talk button on the right side of the steering wheel until you hear the Siri tone. After the prompt, say your command.


Note: Google Assistant and Alexa require a paid service plan or trial.

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