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Simulated vehicle shown. Actual production model will vary.

The Dual Level Charge Cord allows a vehicle-controlled electrical connection to your home or charging location. The Dual Level Charge Cord allows you to swap between 120-volt (3-pronged) and 240-volt (4-pronged) plugs to best fit your available wall receptacles. In this way, it supports charging at two levels: Level 1 charging at 120V (up to 1.4 kW) and Level 2 charging at 240V (up to 7.7 kW).

To Charge Your Electric Vehicle:

  1. Identify a suitable wall receptacle in good condition.
  2. Snap the corresponding plug into the bottom of the control box (opposite the permanently fixed cable). The plugs will require some effort to fully seat but will fit snugly once snapped in. If you have trouble snapping the plug into the control box, ensure that you have correctly aligned the connector by matching the “barn” shape of the plug end to the opening on the control box.
  3. Plug the Dual Level Charge Cord into the wall receptacle. The control box will perform a short boot-up routine and be ready to charge.
  4. Follow instructions for connecting the charge cord to your vehicle in the “How to Charge” Quick Start Guide.

Note: Consult with a professional electrician if you are unsure whether your home can support 240-volt charging with the Dual Level Charge Cord. 240-volt (Level 2) charging requires a professional installation. Not all home grids can support this level of charging.


Note: It is important to use the default vehicle charging setting until you confirm with a professional electrician that the receptacle and circuit you intend to charge from is suitable for EV charging. It is recommended that you use a dedicated individual branch circuit for EV charging and consult with a professional electrician if you are unsure about your home’s charging capabilities. If your home or parking location supports Level 2 charging, you can use the four-pronged plug provided for faster charging.



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