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Available Air Ride Adaptive Suspension incorporates air springs that allow you to raise and lower the height of the vehicle to suit different driving conditions.

Symptoms/Troubleshooting Steps

Troubleshooting Steps

Why can’t I raise or lower my vehicle?

Raising and lowering is unavailable in a few situations:

  • Frequent raising or lowering can overheat the air suspension system. You may have to wait up to 15 minutes for the system to cool down so you can raise or lower the vehicle again. You’ll see a “Leveling System Unavailable” message on your Driver Information Center (DIC) when this happens.
  • On full-size SUVs, if the vehicle is heavily loaded and the air springs cannot raise the vehicle past your current height, it will stay at the current height. You’ll see a “Leveling System Unavailable” message on your DIC when this happens.
  • If the front of your vehicle detects an object beneath it, it will stop lowering and raise to the previous height. You’ll see an “object detected” message in your DIC when this happens.
  • You may need to enter 4LOW or Terrain Mode to raise your vehicle to “Maximum Ground Clearance.” Your DIC will give directions on what mode must be enabled in this condition.
  • If you’re in Tow/Haul Mode, you can’t raise the vehicle height above Normal Height. Automatic Easy Exit is disabled when in Tow/Haul, Terrain or Off-Road Modes.
  • If one of your wheels is on a large curb, the system will detect that, and you won’t be able to raise or lower the ride height. You can still select your desired height in the menu, and the system will raise or lower when you are off the curb.
  • If any door or hood is open, you will be unable to raise or lower the height. You can still select your desired height in the menu, and the system will raise or lower when the doors and hood are shut.

Why am I getting a “Service Leveling System” message in the DIC?

  • If you see the “Service Leveling System” message, you’ll need to bring your vehicle into your dealership for service.
  • You’ll see this message if one of the system’s air springs leak, if the system’s air compressor breaks, if one of the system’s sensors is malfunctioning or if other issues arise with the system.

Why did my vehicle lower from Increased or Maximum Ground Clearance when I didn’t select a new height?

  • On some vehicles, if your vehicle detects aggressive driving or excessive speed, it will automatically lower the ground clearance.
  • If you turn your vehicle OFF when it’s raised to Increased Ground Clearance and then turn it back ON, it will lower when you start driving. To keep the vehicle at Increased Ground Clearance, select it again from the Ride Height menu or, on full-size SUV models, reselect Off-Road Mode.

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